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Nicholson File Cleaner

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Nicholson File Cleaner from Hand Cleaners
Nicholson File Cleaner by Nicholson
At Home Depot
At 1-31-2018
Buy Nicholson File Cleaner now!


  • Keeping your files and rasps clean means you'll get years and years of use out of them
  • And you'll get a sharper, cleaner edge on your broad heads, knives and blades
  • A must for any mechanic's toolbox
  • Easy to handle
  • Product is able to withstand wear, pressure or damage
  • Dependable in achievement

  • The Nicholson File Cleaner is durably constructed of maple wood and cleans file teeth. Designed for cleaning metal, plastics and wood from files. Also use for removing filings, dirt, rust, burrs, corrosion and most buildups of foreign material on metal.

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    Nicholson File Cleaner
    Buy it Now from Home Depot
    Buy Nicholson File Cleaner now!

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