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Extech Instruments Light Meter

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Extech Instruments Light Meter from Desktop Lights
Extech Instruments Light Meter by Extech Instruments
At Home Depot
At 11-26-2017
Buy Extech Instruments Light Meter now!


  • Includes holster, protective cover, soft case and disposable 9-Volt battery
  • Peak setting captures highest reading; relative setting depicts fluctuating measurements
  • Color-correction filter and precision-photo diode increase accuracy
  • MIN/MAX feature saves low/high measurements until reset
  • 1-year limited warranty
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  • Insufficient lighting can create security risks or result in OSHA crackdowns. The Extech LT300 light meter can determine whether you have adequate illumination to protect workers, students, visitors, patients or attendees of different venues. This handheld instrument measures up to 40,000 Fc (or 400,000 Lux) utilizing a remote light sensor connected via 12 in. coiled cable (expandable to 24 in.). A prominent LCD readout displays a digital calculation and complementary analog bar graph for quick, reliable assessments.

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    Extech Instruments Light Meter
    Buy it Now from Home Depot
    Buy Extech Instruments Light Meter now!

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