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Valcom Audible Ring Unit

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Valcom Audible Ring Unit from Telephone Accessories
Valcom Audible Ring Unit by Valcom
At Home Depot
At 3-22-2018
Buy Valcom Audible Ring Unit now!


  • Uses standard 1A2 key system Voltages
  • Each zone is equipped with a 5 Watt amplifier and volume control
  • 2 auxiliary contact closures
  • Capable of switching signal to 3 zones simultaneously

  • The Common Audible Ringing Unit provides an audible signal over the paging system when there is an incoming call. It is used between a telephone system and the public address system. The unit also offers variable pitch control.

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    Valcom Audible Ring Unit
    Buy it Now from Home Depot
    Buy Valcom Audible Ring Unit now!

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