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Flowtron 1 Acre Galaxie PowerVac

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Flowtron 1 Acre Galaxie PowerVac from Insect Traps
Flowtron 1 Acre Galaxie PowerVac by Flowtron
At Home Depot
At 3-22-2018
Buy Flowtron 1 Acre Galaxie PowerVac now!


  • Produces the sensory signals that mosquitoes and biting insects use to locate a warm-blooded host - heat, light, scent, color, shape and motion
  • Powerful vacuum action draws insect pests into a convenient, removable, see-through collection tray where they quickly dehydrate and die
  • Removable, see-through collection tray provides for fast, easy and clean disposal of dead insects
  • Special octenol cartridge releases a proven lure into the air stream resulting in higher capture rates, free cartridge included
  • Fully assembled, just insert post and connect to electrical outlet
  • 30 ft. of Low Voltage wire included
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  • Attracts and kills mosquitoes and other insect pests. Recommended for areas up to one acre. Effective, easy and affordable. The PowerVac's triple action killing system features multiple attractants, powerful vacuum action and easy disposal. No propane gas required, No costly nets to replace. Operates for pennies a day. Low Voltage wiring installs above or below the ground.

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    Flowtron 1 Acre Galaxie PowerVac
    Buy it Now from Home Depot
    Buy Flowtron 1 Acre Galaxie PowerVac now!

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