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RIDGID RP-210B Compact Press Tool

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RIDGID RP-210B Compact Press Tool from Plumbing Tools
RIDGID RP-210B Compact Press Tool
At Home Depot
At 5-25-2016
Buy RIDGID RP-210B Compact Press Tool now!


  • For a fast and reliable way to join copper, stainless steel and PEX
  • Weighs 28 lbs.
  • Kit includes: RP 210-B press tool, (2) 1.1 Ah batteries, lithium-ion battery charger and carrying case
  • Compatible with all RIDGID compact series pressing attachments

  • The RP-210B Compact Press Tool, when used with appropriate jaws, is designed to mechanically press fittings onto tubing to create a water-tight and permanent seal. When the switch on the RP 210 is depressed, an internal electric motor powers a hydraulic pump which forces fluid into the cylinder of the tool. It force the ram forward and applying thousands of pounds of pressing force onto specially designed fittings.

    Reader Reviews
    I have been in the Plumbing trade for over thirty years! started with cast iron and (lead caulk joints) remember those?? I finally came around to Pex piping, recently completed a six condo project using the pro press power tool with Pex jaws for veiga crimping system 1/2" , 3/4" branches- including main 1-1/2" trunk line. this tool was non stop working and what a time and labor saver!! the initial cost was more than paid for on this project alone! thx Rigid John, Masterplumber.

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    RIDGID RP-210B Compact Press Tool
    Buy it Now from Home Depot
    Buy RIDGID RP-210B Compact Press Tool now!

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