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Ridgid Strap Lock Pipe Handle

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Ridgid Strap Lock Pipe Handle from Plumbing Tools
Ridgid Strap Lock Pipe Handle by RIDGID
At Home Depot
At 3-22-2018
Buy Ridgid Strap Lock Pipe Handle now!


  • Innovative locking design for repeatable applications
  • Specialized strap provides maximum grip and minimizes marring
  • Provides a solid handle on hard to grip plastic pipe to easily align and set glued joints
  • Can be used in pairs to aid in complex installations

  • Securely grips plastic pipe from 3 in. - 8 in. (80 mm 220 mm) allowing force to be applied confidently in all directions. Simplifies the installation and maintenance of large diameter plastic pipe applications.

    Reader Reviews
    The Strap lock has a great grip on plastic pipes. Thought the handle is plastic it also has a good feel and no slippage when wet . The strap is a rubber material with reinforced ply. This model has a grip,rage of 3 to 8 inches . This Handle worked great for some schedule 80 water pipe we installed for a new water line. It made the twisting of the pipe very easy . I also used this on my pool equipment for a cartridge filter that was being stubborn. Product works as it intended and more.

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    Ridgid Strap Lock Pipe Handle
    Buy it Now from Home Depot
    Buy Ridgid Strap Lock Pipe Handle now!

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